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Dr. Len's Portable Pull-up Bar...aka...My WorkHorse

  • No Bolting….No Doorways…..No Tools Required
  • Make those impossible pull-ups – POSSIBLE
  • It’s PORTABLE - Workout Anywhere – your living room, outside,
    the office, on the road, etc.
    • No doorways or bolting anything to your doorway
    • No more running to the closet or garage to do pull-ups
    • No more pausing your DVD to run to the garage to do pull-ups
  • Pull-up Bars are Great….if you can use them!
    • How many women buy and use pull-up bars?
    • How many men can still do pull-ups?
  • Don’t Neglect half your upper body because you Can’t do Pull-ups!
    • Push-ups target your chest, shoulders and triceps
      ….half your upper body
    • Pull-ups target your back, biceps and forearms
      …..the Other Half of Your Upper Body
    • You wouldn't work biceps without working triceps!
      So why would you do push-ups - without doing pull-ups?
  • In 5 Minutes get a Great Upper Body Workout

    • Great for Short, High Intensity, Burst Workouts
    • Use it before or after your aerobic workout
    • Add shape and tone to your upper body

  • When you’re finished – Fold it up and Store it Away!
  • Reap the same great benefits of pull-ups by doing inverted pull-ups
    • PLUS target those upper back muscles that a regular pull-up doesn’t

    Why a Portable Pull-up Bar?

    Did you know the quickest way to add shape and tone to your
    upper body.....are with push-ups and pull-ups?


    • Most women can't do pull-ups
    • More than 50% of men can't do pull-ups
    • And they both hate bolting anything to their doorway

THE SOLUTION is My Portable Pull-up Bar....aka...My WorkHorse

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No Bolts..... No Doorways ..... No Tools Required!!!

Make those Impossible Pull-ups….POSSIBLE!
In 5 minutes get a Great Upper Body Workout.

Workout in your living room, outside,
the office, on the road….

Don't Neglect half your upper body

  • Muscle Imbalance is a major cause of unexplained upper back and neck pain!
  • Do you over-work your chest muscles and under-work your back muscles?

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Ideal for anyone who trains at home and wants a complete upper body workout
In 5 Minutes get a Great Upper Body Workout with My WorkHorse.....aka.....My Portable Pull-up Bar